Welcome Growth Spark as Silver Sponsor

Growth Spark is pleased to be sponsoring WordCamp Boston for its third year in a row. As a Boston-based WordPress design/development company, we value WordCamp for the business opportunities it provides, but also for the community it fosters. Each year, WordCamp gets bigger and better, and each year, more of the WordPress-loving community comes out to support it. It’s been energizing meeting so many WordPress-specialized designers and developers, as well as the individuals and companies who are embracing the WordPress CMS for their websites.
This year, we will be speaking at WordCamp about a couple of different topics. Our first talk will be delivered by Growth Spark developer Sean Butze. It will revolve around customizing the WordPress dashboard. Oftentimes we find that when we develop WordPress sites for clients, they use much less of the functionality within WordPress’ administrative interface than is offered. We will be speaking about how developers can create custom or slimmed-down administrative interfaces so that clients aren’t overwhelmed by the options presented.
Our second talk, “Selling WordPress: Roping, Scoping and Closing Deals,” will be delivered by Growth Spark founder, Ross Beyeler. This talk will focus on the sales process for selling WordPress as a platform. Over the years, Growth Spark has crafted a refined strategy for qualifying leads and determining which questions to ask to determine whether WordPress and Growth Spark are a good fit for the client. Ross will cover sales methodology, sales process, how to properly scope a WordPress project, and some general sales do’s and don’ts.
We look forward to meeting many new faces at this year’s WordCamp Boston. Anyone with questions about Growth Spark, or designers/developers interested in partnering with Growth Spark, should contact Chris Beaman at chris@growthspark.com. We are very grateful to the WordCamp team for their hard work in planning and hosting WordCamp Boston, and very excited for this year’s conference!
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  1. Ross and Growth Spark are amazing…