Everyone’s a Publisher: Create Awesome Content, Not Noise

It’s a new kind of internet, and a new kind of marketing. Everyone’s a publisher, and your blog is the central hub for all of your other social media efforts. Impulsively posting pictures from the company party will get content on your blog, but will it really target the keywords, buyer personas and topics that will generate interest, buzz or leads for your company?

This session will walk you through the things you need to think about when creating an editorial calendar, and how you can measure your content’s success. In this session you will learn:

  • What you should put in an editorial calendar.
  • What to consider before even writing a blog post.
  • How to get your content written – pros and cons of hiring a freelancer vs interns vs guest posts from community members.
  • How to measure your efforts – what to track and how. Recommended tools and plugins.